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Deep learning algorithms are vastly used in AI based applications today. These algorithms find patterns in data, and are being used to make decisions that affect people’s lives.

But are these models completely fair and free of bias?

As humans, we have an understanding of fairness. It is our responsibility to ensure that our algorithms are fair.

What is fairness?

  • Being impartial

Why is it important to not have bias?

  • An incorrect result could ruin somebody’s life

To understand the implications of bias in real life, let’s look at machine bias in the criminal justice system.

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Part2: How does Speech Recognition work?

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Speech recognition software is a major part of our lives today. This technology has affected how we conduct our day-to-day tasks.

Some statistics on how integrated this technology is in our lives today

  • 74% of the digital services users in 2019, used their voice-based assistant to research and buy products and services, create a shopping list, and check order status (Capgemini study).
  • 32% of the global online population in 2020 was using voice search on mobile phones.
  • 72% of people in the US use voice search through a digital assistant.
  • Nearly 50% of all…

Part1: Speech Recognition from Audrey to Alexa

Speech recognition is a technology that can recognize spoken words, which can then be converted to text. Voice recognition is a part of speech recognition which is voice based.

History of Speech Recognition

The first speech recognition systems were focused on numbers, not words.

In 1952, Bell Laboratories designed the “Audrey” system which could recognize a single voice speaking digits aloud.

What is a chatbot?

A bot is a software program that can automate tasks. A chatbot is a bot that can have a conversation with a human through the internet. A user can submit a question or remark to the chatbot, and the bot will respond as appropriate.

A chatbot interacts on a format similar to instant messaging or texting. It artificially replicates human interaction using machine learning to guide its responses.

A chatbot is an application that has an application layer, APIs and a backend database. It needs to be able to process human language.

How does a chatbot…

Advances in natural language processing and the popularity of smartphones have enabled the use of AI for mental health care.

Why use AI for mental health?

Mental disorders are the costliest health condition in the United States.

AI based solutions can provide some relief to people suffering from mental health issues by providing access to faster and easier help. We are still in the initial stages of utilizing AI for mental health. However, if initial results are any indication, AI can bring some major advancements to the field of mental health.


Using AI based solutions could help reduce some of the reasons why many people…

(This article is 1 of 3 on Covid19, Mental Health & AI.)

Covid19 has impacted all of our lives in ways that we never anticipated. The pandemic came out of the blue, and we were all unprepared for it. It plunged us all into unknown territory — nobody knew what to expect or how to deal with the difficult changes that it was bringing into our lives.

Has COVID19 impacted mental health?

The pandemic has worsened and provoked risk factors that affect mental well-being and contribute to increased stress levels. Lockdown and physical distancing have led to increased loneliness, social…

Tell us a little bit about yourself! What are your hobbies? Why are you studying artificial intelligence? Anything else we should know?

My name is Divya Sikka. I am a high school sophomore from Bellevue WA. I enjoy playing volleyball and spending time with my friends.

I am studying artificial intelligence because I want to learn and understand what AI is, why it is now increasingly being used in various fields and how it impacts our lives.

What was your AI Scholars experience like? Who was your instructor and what was it like working with them? …

Divya Sikka

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